Al - Faisaliah Complex
Building No: 7277
Area Code : 12212
Tel : +966 11 465 2243
Mob : +966 561 931 153

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Greetings from Star Stream Cleaning Services.

We are the Premium specialized cleaning Services based on Riyadh, taking care of some of the most prestigious properties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the last few years Star Stream has transformed itself into the most professional cleaning services in the Kingdom.

At Star Stream, we believe in partnering with our clients to deliver superior cleaning and maintenance services tailor made for their standards. From the initial contract to final delivery of services Star Stream believes in Integrity, professionalism and stewardship. Our growth in the last few years is completely through Reverence and customer loyalty.

Our customers are at the heart of all that we do at Star Stream. We partner with them to take care of all their specialized cleaning requirements under any circumstance. We are hopeful that our well trained technicians, under able leadership of some of the most experienced hospitality and house keeping managers, will continue to deliver superior results and unmatched customer satisfaction in the coming years.

Why Choose us?

1. Proven Track Record

2. Knowledge

3. Experience

4. Flexibility

Proven Track Record

In the last 5 years star stream had been the go to specialized cleaning services for almost all the major brands in KSA.

Our work being appreciated and certified by the premium brand like Ritz Carlton is the best testimony to our flawless track record and commitment to quality.

At Star Stream, being given the responsibility to clean one of the most historical & heritage Palace in the Kingdom, The King Faisal Palace, Faisaliah University as one of the greatest honors.

95% of our clients in the last 5 year is pure reference. Without any major marketing activity we were referred to almost all the major hospitality and corporate brands in the kingdom by our existing clients.


At star Stream we know the hospitality industry. We understand, it is an industry in which first impressions are pivotal. We also realize, we need to achieve this without disrupting the guests.

The greatest asset we have gained in the last 5 years, as the preferred specialized cleaning service provider to these wonderful brands is the Knowledge, we gained about the most luxurious and economical material & processes used in the hospitality infrastructure and maintenance services.

We have now the knowledge from taking care of some of the toughest floor stones, some of the biggest, oldest and sophisticated chandeliers, Most expensive of floor Carpets, some of the most luxurious upholstery and some of the tallest buildings in the kingdom.


The senior management of Star Stream combined has the experience of over 20 Years in the hospitality and house keeping industry. Its our pride that we have some of the most experienced hospitality managers in the kingdom. We have on board with us talents experienced from brands Like Marriot , Alkhozama Management, Accenture and more.

We currently have technicians working with us since our inception. Their know how and experience in assisting the best of hospitality industry crews during Grand Openings to end of tenure Cleaning services is an offering unique to Star Stream.


The best part about our service is the flexibility of our services. We will reduce operational slippages and fully utilize the budgets and achieve maximum results.

Each service recommendation from Star Stream will be after thorough situation and property analysis. This will enable our clients to take better timely decisions and run a stream lined operations with maximum efficiency increasing the profits and margins.

We have served these brands with our unique delivery methods in some of the toughest economic periods in the kingdom. Our tailor made cleaning and maintenance regimes had helped our brands to whether some of the major economic storms last few years without compromising their service quality.